The Team

Oneiro Capital is Powered by Kardia.

Kardia is an impact driven and heart centred boutique management consulting firm, with a global reach, committed to creating responsible communities that are socially accountable, environmentally sustainable, and promote economic growth. To enable its mission, Kardia partners with businesses of all sizes that embody its culture and ethos. Together, they develop vibrant, thriving communities with sustainable futures.

Oneiro Capital is a fund and asset management firm, serving qualified, high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors. Our elegant solution brings together an unparalleled client experience, extraordinary returns, capital protection, transparency, and low volatility.

Our projects are meticulously selected in four verticals: Sustainable Real Estate, Green Energy Production, Food and Water Security, and Wellness and Healthcare. This elegantly designed investment structure improves the social, environmental, and humanitarian outcomes for communities and individuals across diverse backgrounds, irrespective of geographic constraints, while delivering superior fixed returns to our select clients.

Michael T. Hamdar

Chief Executive Officer

Michael T. Hamdar has 24+ years of experience and a successful track record in helping organizations reinvent themselves, secure large capital requirements, increase profits, and expand into new markets. He currently sits on the board of several corporations in the UK and world-wide.

Michael has a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada, with a focus on Financial Engineering and Management Sciences. He has held several senior positions with Procter & Gamble, Deloitte & Touche, and Thales and Alcatel. His extensive client base included CIBC, TD Bank, and the Treasury Board of Canada.

Michael brings a global experience to a wide range of industries including air transportation, financial services, public sector, manufacturing, high-tech, and consumer businesses. He has extensive expertise in designing financing solutions and leading large scale infrastructure projects spanning multiple geographies and cross border teams.

Sean P. McMann


Sean P. McMann has dedicated a majority of his career to the financial industry in Canada, specifically focusing on the exempt market or private investment sector for the last 13 years. As a licensed advisor and consultant, Sean has reviewed and worked with over a hundred different private investment offerings, providing him with valuable insights into the ideal investment offering structures.

From 2017 to 2021, Sean worked with CrystalClear Capital Partners, a private consulting company that specialized in providing investor relations services to numerous private capital market issuers. During his time there, he advised issuers on how to structure their fund offerings for optimal success. In 2021, Sean founded his own consulting company, which provides services to the private capital market industry and its issuers. His experience has enabled him to structure numerous private company and investment fund offerings that are fair to both investors and management.

Sukhrupe S. Nijjar

Vice President of Operations

Sukhrupe S. Nijjar is an esteemed professional with a diverse range of experiences, marked by the launch and growth of multiple companies, as well as the provision of consultancy services for over 50 businesses spanning various industries. Holding influential advisory roles in several SMEs primarily located in the UK and North America, Sukhrupe brings a profound academic and corporate background in accounting and finance to his endeavors.

Sukhrupe’s acumen in propelling organizational growth has garnered him multiple accolades, earning recognition across industries such as Private Equity, Education, Transport, Professional Services, E-commerce, and Retail. His expertise lies in effective leadership, team scaling, and achieving substantial revenue growth.

Currently serving as the VP of Operations, and a member of the Board of Directors at Oneiro Capital, Sukhrupe spearheads the strategic implementation for the company. His responsibilities encompass fundraising, investor relations, project rollouts, and asset/partnership management. With a proven track record and a visionary approach, Sukhrupe plays an instrumental role in driving the success and expansion of Oneiro Capital.